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Friday, May 20, 2011


Governor Rick Perry

1100 Congress Avenue
Texas State Capitol
Austin, Texas 78701

May 19, 2011

Re: Safekeeping of our California State flag

Dear Governor Perry:

My name is Steve LeBard, and I am an American, Californian, proud war Veteran, and President of the Old Town Orcutt Revitalization Association (OTORA). My town, Orcutt, California, was denied the right to fly the American flag and build the Old Town Orcutt Veterans’ Memorial because the California Department of Transportation determined the United States flag is an impermissible “public expression.” Both local and national media have covered our story and can be viewed at

As you likely are aware, California borrowed the one star from the Texas State flag in 1846, just before California became a State. California saw that lone star as a symbol of Texas courage, something that our California Government seems to be lacking these days.

A great California warrior recently gave me the California State flag after he and his men carried it into battle in the Iraq war. He too is very troubled that our government will not allow us to display our nation’s symbol of liberty.

I will visit Austin just before Memorial Day and would consider it a great honor to hand over this California flag to you during my visit. Would you accept this California State flag, and hold it for safekeeping until the California Government has the courage to permit us to fly our American flag with pride?

Thank you for your service to our Country, both as the Governor of Texas and as a United States Air Force Veteran.

God Bless America,

Steve LeBard
OTORA President

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