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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Please show your support by asking all of the businesses in Old Town Orcutt to display the American Flag while we go through these trying times with Caltrans.

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  1. I've been to many countries, in our great beautiful world!!! Each country has it's own FLAG!!! As a visitor, #1) it's their country and their FLAG! If I take offense, it's my problem! They do not fly our U.S. FLAG and that's just fine with me!!! NO ONE, even the CA. D.O.T., should say we are not allowed to fly our country's FLAG! My Dad, deceased, came over to the U.S., from Scotland, at the age of 19 yr's. old. He became a citizen, and then went and served in WORLD WAR II. Until his death,in 1983, he never missed his RESERVES weekends, at Luke A.F.B., in Phoenix, AZ. This issue would infuriorate him!!! My email address is My name is Joanie Foster, Acworth, Georgia!